Jennifer providing a skincare treatmentIf you would like to add your own Testimonial, for the skin care you have received at our Serenity Suite NYC,  just send it to us via our Contact Page.

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“Jennifer Fond is an experienced skincare professional with a broad knowledge of the industry, and always offers perfection to her client’s needs. The skincare I received during the past two years has been most beneficial and my experience with Jennifer has been a pleasure. ”

Barbara Barbaccia

“It’s so hard to trust anyone these days and with rationed incomes, you really have to cherry pick what you buy and with whom. However, in today’s marketplace – whether you are looking for a job or a love interest, one has to look their best. Jennifer really has the formula to achieve just that. She is so smart in knowing what you need and what you don’t. Her love of science keeps her on track with all new developments and she really analyzes products, special potions and techniques. Plus, you really know the integrity of someone when they actually tell you that something is not worth doing which is actually what Jennifer did. I both trust her and respect her talent.”

Jill Brooke

“Jennifer is a very accomplished and knowledgeable esthetician and she obviously knows her stuff, but the thing that impresses me the most is that when you’re on her table you can tell that she really cares about what she does and cares about you. It’s feels so good to be so tended to in such a warm and genuine way!”

Kathy Pfeiffer

“Jennifer’s facials are some of the best I have experienced around the world. She has the unique ability to understand and evaluate your unique skin type and give you a facial that you have not experienced before. She advises, creates solutions and implements treatments that you can take home with you. Her ability to treat each and every individual with great time and care, is a treat not to miss!”

Pamela Zonsius
President of The Brelli

“Jennifer is the best! I went to her for a facial (my first ever) and had the best experience. She was very friendly, attentive, and did such a good job on my face. My skin felt so great after I left there. I felt so refreshed and my pores were definitely the cleanest they’ve ever been! I especially love that steam machine and the products Jennifer used on my face, really soothing. I think she even made the oil that was burning and smelling so good in the room. I’d definitely go back!”

Silvia Pereira

Washington Square Hotel in Greenwich VilliageIf you have skincare questions, or would like to make an appointment, please call the Front Desk of the Washington Square Hotel (212) 777-9515 to arrange your appointment.