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Best Wishes in 2015

Warmest wishes for the Best Winter Health in 2015, from all of us at Serenity Suite NYC!

It is well known that people enjoy life more when they look and feel their best. When someone visits Serenity Suite NYC for healing, restorative skin care treatments, we enjoy helping people get the most out of every day of their lives.

As one of our Big Events of 2014, The Washington Square Hotel and Serenity Suite NYC acquired the Hydro Wand®. This Wand is an attachment to our NewApeel Diamond Microdermabrasion equipment. Now Jennifer, our professionally licensed aesthetician, can combine the deep exfoliation microdermabrasion treatment with deep penetration of the specific serums, such as:

    – multi-vitamins
    – skin lightening
    – acne
    – and deep moisturizing.

This new feature provides better results with signature skin care treatment for each client. DiamondTome™ exfoliation first, followed by the Hydro Wand® gently exfoliates, hydrates, and nourishes each client’s skin in one treatment!

Through the Winter in NYC, cold, dry weather can take a toll on anyone’s skin and overall health.

Don’t suffer! Take care of your Winter Health!

Skin Care Treatments are available by appointment only. Just call the Front Desk of the ever elegant Washington Square Hotel (212) 777-9515 for your appointment.

For questions about treatments for specific skin conditions, or any of our Services, please Contact Serenity Suite NYC.

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