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Serenity Suite NYC Licensed Aesthetician: Jennifer Carpentier Fond

Jennifer Fond - AestheticianJennifer Carpentier Fond is a Licensed Aesthetician in New York and Connecticut, specializing in treatment of the skin.
Over the past twodecades, she has helped thousands of women, men and teens improve the condition and appearance of their skin.
Jennifer obtained her NYS Esthetic license from the Lia Schorr Institute for SkinCare Technology. She did her Post Graduate Education at the Dermal Institute. Jennifer is experienced and certified in Laser and Advanced Skin Care Technology and specializes in product ingredient knowledge.


Why People Choose Jennifer

Jennifer uses her extensive knowledge of skin, skincare, and product ingredients to create a very personalized skin care regimen for each of her clients. Jennifer recognizes each person as an individual with unique skincare concerns and goals. Her true passion lies in her desire and ability to help each client feel unique. Jennifer does not believe in an across-the-board, one-size-fits-all skincare “Silver Bullet”.

Jennifer provides the personal attention desired by clients with high-powered careers such as on the go entrepreneurs, professionals of the fashion industry, as well as a variety of actors and even opera singers. She knows how to work with the demands of people whose appointments are scheduled between shows, important meetings, or even on the way to catch a flight. She takes the time to get to know you, recognize your personal needs and will ensure you feel pampered while she provides your personalized routine.

Another reason why Jennifer is so popular is that her clients get a private room. This intimate space allows Jennifer to focus on her client. It also creates a much more relaxing environment since there are no interruptions that can be found in a large day spa where there are many clients waiting for their turn to be next.


Ritual Skin Care Products

Recognizing the need for quality, “key” ingredients, Jennifer developed Ritual Skin Care, a line of  natural and organic products with a European Facialstrong emphasis on results  Being trained in many high end spa brands and cosmeceutical products, Jennifer was able to find the most effective  products from various skin care brands. Recognizing key ingredients in other skin-care brands, Jennifer chose her ingredients based on actual results – the same way cosmetic researchers decide on ingredients for their expensive versions. Ritual Skincare products are made with the finest organic roots, herbs, botanicals, essential oils, and marine extracts. Each ingredient was chosen with intention for results and  for their specific benefit they provide the skin.


You can book your appointment with Jennifer at Serenity Suite NYC in the Washington Square Hotel, just contact us online or call 212-777-9515 to speak with the Front Desk of the Hotel.


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