Janelle Velasquez

Beauty on Broadway- Skin Care Secrets from Broadway Actress Janelle Velasquez

facial nycFor most of us, looking and feeling beautiful is an important ingredient of personal, as well as professional success. We all know beauty and success often go hand in hand, especially in NYC. We asked our client, Actress Janelle Velasquez, her skin care secrets and favorite treatments for staying Broadway beautiful.

Broadway Beauty Treatments

Janelle starts her beauty regimen with a European Facial. Between dancing, multiple costume changes and even just being under bright lights, traditional cleansing simply isn’t enough. Also, since stage makeup can be so heavy, it adds to clogged pores. A European facial begins with a deep cleansing using therapeutic steam which helps to open the pores and lift the hair follicles. In Janelle’s customized version of a European facial, she chooses deep exfoliation with Diamond Microdermabrasion and ends with an Oxygen Treatment. This combination rids the skin of impurities and adjusts the natural ph levels of the skin. Jenelle says her favorite part of her facial is the addition of pure oxygen at the end of the session. Oxygen gas is naturally antibacterial, so it strengthens the skin’s immune system. This oxygen also speeds up the skin’s natural healing process that is vitally important to anyone who needs to be ready to perform 5 days each week, on or off stage. Regular, monthly visits keep Janelle looking and feeling her best, and ready to perform.

Everyday Beauty Treatments

While you may not wear heavy makeup under blaring lights or have multiple costume changes, everyday things such as pollution, makeup worn for long hours, and sweat from running to catch the subway can cause clogged pores…  Serenity Suite’s Aesthetician, Jennifer Carpentier Fond will work with you to create a customized regimen from the quality services and products available. From our popular Microcurrent Facial to our skilled Waxing Services, we will create a system fit for your lifestyle that keeps you looking like a star.

Ritual Skincare Favorites

At the Serenity Suite at Washington Square Hotel in NYC, we use quality, handmade Ritual skin care products. For Janelle’s regimen, our Ritual Skincare Balancing Cleanser with  activated charcoal is the product of choice for deep cleaning. Our Ritual Skincare Cucumber Hydrate with willow bark extract provides the replenishing and moisturizing Janelle needs after her treatments.

Catch Janelle Velasquez!

Janelle VelasquezYou can catch Janelle off Boadway, six days a week in the play “Here Lies Love” by David Byrne from Talking Heads and Fat Boy Slim now being performed at the Public Theater. She is a California, Bohemian personality who recently moved to New York City from LA. Janelle is a professionally trained actress, singer, and dancer.

Don’t miss her performance!

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