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Permanent makeup - eyebrows.

Permanent Makeup at Serenity Suite NYC

This summer, our esthetician Jennifer Fond will be adding Permanent Makeup (for eyebrows and lips) to Serenity Suite NYC Services.

  • Permanent makeup - eyebrows.Microblading is a type of permanent makeup for eyebrows; a manual method of depositing a small amount of pigment to create very fine, crisp, natural looking eyebrows. It also restores sparse, thin, over plucked eyebrows. This treatment can last for several years. Men and women can enjoy the benefits of the eyebrows they would prefer.


  • Permanent makeup - lips.Cosmetic Lip tattooing can help you achieve more fullness and definition of your lips. Lip tattoo is a great choice for those who have lost color in their lips, have asymmetrical lips, thin lips, or scars.

Contact Jennifer for questions about this new professional Service.
We will UPDATE this post, as soon as Jennifer starts taking appointments for these Permanent Makeup Services at our Serenity Suite NYC.