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Springtime in NYC

Spring Skin Care Tips from Serenity Suite NYC

No one wants to look older than they are; make the change this Spring to take better care of your skin!

Serenity Suite NYC Spring Skin Care Tips:

Our esthetician, Jennifer recommends that you moisturize at least twice per day.

Ritual Skin Care product displayHere’s a quick AM and PM regimen:

1.)    Cleanse
2.)    Fortify with Ritual Skin Care Firming Hydrate toner
3.)    Nourish with Ritual Firming Serum
4.)    Moisturize with Ritual Healing Moisturizer Cream will help restore your skin’s barrier function and moisture content.

While it is important to wash your face at least twice each day, it’s also important to avoid harsh foaming cleansers with sulfates. That tight, squeaky clean feeling means that Sodium Laureth Sulfate has striped your skin of much needed natural oils – this means that the pH of your skin is off balance now and left too high.

Safely cleanse the environmental pollution from your skin by using Ritual Balancing Cleanser.  This natural foaming cleanser occurs with cocoglucoside – not detergents! Natural ingredients in Ritual Balancing Cleanser like Activated charcoal which acts like a magnet and attracts debris from pores, and Willow bark which is the natural state of salicylic acid and safely breaks down oxidized oil – will leave your skin safely cleaned and balanced.

And you will be happy to know that Ritual products do not contain artificial fragrances, because most artificial fragrances are well known to also be a source of skin irritation.

An appointment with Jennifer begins with a personal skin analysis to assure these Spring Skin Care tips will give you the best results.

Find out more about these safe and natural products on the Ritual Skin Care website.

To protect your skin this spring, just call the Front Desk at the Washington Square Hotel (212) 777-9515, to make an appointment to visit Jennifer and find out more about protecting your skin.